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We've been shooting, editing, and distributing classic car show videos since 1999 in addition to our other documentary projects and services.

We not only understand how to make high-quality and entertaining car show videos, but we could, if asked, turn a wrench on our subjects as well (cars only of course...not the owners).

In addition to being enthusiasts, our garage is host to both dusty and forgotten furniture and a rare rose and white 1956 Plymouth Belvedere convertible project car.  I purchased the two-ton auto in 1976 at the tender age of 16 in Moline, Illinois from Miracle Motors, where its rotund owner proudly produced a business card sporting the slogan: "A Square Deal from the Round Man."

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We understand the trials and triumphs of the restoration and preservation process and we are committed to gathering the colorful stories behind each car we feature in our programs.  In addition, we capture the individual flavor and excitement of each car show.  Our camera dives into the details because we understand the details.

Your memory can fade (and staring doesn't help), so invite us to attend your car show today, or select a DVD or VHS of a previous show for your automotive memorabilia collection.  We look forward to hearing from you soon!












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